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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Crocodile Tears


Dr. Lester CN Simon

Have you ever felt that everyone else is going to heaven and you alone are going to hell? This is how I feel with all the cries for prayer in the wake of the most recent murder. Since everyone is praying and prayer moves mountains, I too have a prayer, so let us pray.

I pray that God will close all the doors of all the churches in Antigua and Barbuda for a while. And for those of us who are still found inside a church, I pray that Jesus will take a whip (the local, bovine version) and bang them, bang them, bang them, and tell them not to come back to church until we do the following things.

1. Build a modern, national library and foster a library culture.

2. Make it compulsory for all school children to join one of the youth clubs as part of national service otherwise they will not graduate from school.

3. The communities that have effective neighbourhood watch groups will pay less property tax. This will include neighbours keeping their dogs inside their own yards with properly built fences.

4. Disband the defence force and create a national security force with enough men and women to contribute to regional security and, more importantly, patrol the streets of Antigua and Barbuda.

Anything else is just crocodiles crying again and devils like me asking God for help when we already know the answers. The Lord help those who help themselves.

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