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Friday, June 19, 2020

The Brave New World

The Civilizing of Racist White People

We are indeed at a crossroad in history. Racists whites have a simple choice: Either to continue to live in their false, alternative universe, or to come into the real world they have been running away from.

Make no mistake about it. Apologizing is relatively simple, as all school children know. Regarding the reasons for the criminal act and the false constructions you deliberately and wittingly put up to justify your crime, demands a refreshing act of civilizing that forces you literally to be “born again”, and in so doing to denounce that which you see in the mirror.

No wonder the Church has great difficulty here. It is the grand, all inclusive confession beyond and fundamental to all others. Indeed Revelation begets Genesis.

We must continue to hold that mirror of history and humanity up to them until and even after they can hold it up for themselves.

Mirrors must be the new public statues. Mirrors. Just mirrors.

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